If it interests you here is how you can sync our events to your iCal or Google calendar:

For Apple Calendar, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Click this or copy into your browser: webcal://connect.zoho.com/pulse/webhook/getMyEvents?scopeID=235442000000002002&zapikey=1001.ba02a2c0facc90a0946dd57a763618bf.257cae0e5cb3752378126f4ed17013af
  2. Then follow the instructions in Apple Calendar to complete the calendar subscription.

For Google Calendar, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Copy the below calendar URL.
  2. https://connect.zoho.com/pulse/webhook/getMyEvents?scopeID=235442000000002002&zapikey=1001.ba02a2c0facc90a0946dd57a763618bf.257cae0e5cb3752378126f4ed17013af
  3. From your Google calendar, select the Gear icon.
  4. Select Add calendar.
  5. Select from URL.
  6. Paste the calendar URL. You should now see Zoho Connect events in your Google calendar.