Start Here

If you are new to Randy White Ministries, you may want to “start here” with some basic information that will help you understand a rightly divided, dispensational approach to understanding Scripture.


The Essential Gospel

Start with The Essential Gospel, even if you've been a believer for many years. This sermon will not only be encouraging, but also be a beginning to understanding our approach to Scripture.


The Bible in One Sermon

Next, listen to The Bible in One Sermon to give you a “bird's eye” view of the Bible so that you will know how the pieces fit into the whole.


Understanding Dispensations

Our series Understanding Dispensations will introduce you to dispensationalism, and especially some of its rules and traits as a lens through which to interpret the Bible.


30 Things You Need to Know About the Bible

Finally, 30 Things You Need to Know About the Bible will give you a solid grasp of the Bible, considered dispensationally

My prayer is that this page becomes the starting page for a long journey of growth in grace and knowledge.