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Why Your Church Won’t Be Able to Find a Pastor

For many small to medium-sized churches, it is already difficult to find a pastor. And, unfortunately, I see the time coming when it is almost impossible for biblically solid churches to find a pastor. I already know of a handful of small churches that are looking for a pastor, want a pastor, and can even pay a pastor, but they simply can’t find a pastor. What is the problem? The church culture is completely at odds with Biblical teaching, and the social culture is at odds with the church. The smaller [...]

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Reflections of 25 Years: We Get Too Excited About Feelings

Dr. Randy White The church culture of America today will not tolerate boredom—and I think that is a bad thing. I remember seminary classes in which the professors hammered home that there was almost no sin as great in the pulpit as the sin of a boring sermon. After all, we have the greatest treasure given to mankind, so it would be an atrocity if we delivered a boring sermon. The classroom would fill with the sound of “Amen”—because none of us were particularly fond of listening to boring sermons. We [...]

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The Pastor's Day Off: Try Monday!

Dr. Randy White I’ve been a pastor long enough to know that there is no single way to live the life of a Pastor that is the “right way.” Each pastor is a human being with a unique set of circumstances. Because of this, each pastor needs a day off. Which day should be the Pastor’s day off? […]

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