Dispensationalism for Dummies | Three Simple Principles for Biblical Interpretation

  A recent New York Times article focused on Bart Campolo (son of famed leftist Christian preacher Tony Campolo) as the Humanist Chaplain at the University of Southern California. Raised under the “Red Letter Christianity” taught by his dad, the younger Campolo tried and eventually rejected the social justice brand of Christianity that was all he ever knew. Campolo struggled with the fact that an almighty and benevolent God would allow sexual abuse and other evil social ills. He left the faith and is attempting to recreate the social environment of [...]

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Teaching Series explains the Dispensations

Dr. Randy White Unless you are new to this ministry, you know we teach the Bible from a dispensational perspective. However, you may not fully understand what a dispensation is, or the distinctives of each dispensation. In a new Wednesday evening series, I will explain each dispensation. This series will help you grasp the "big picture" of dispensations as well as the details of particular dispensations. Whether you are new to dispensationalism or you cut your teeth on a Scofield Bible, this series will really help you understand the Bible and [...]

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Salvation Through the Dispensations

Dr. Randy White When it comes to the doctrine of salvation, many Christians and—and even theologians—are guilty of pre-judging the case. “Everyone knows” that people who lived before the cross were saved the same way we are: with faith that is forward-looking rather than in the rear view mirror provided by Scripture. Furthermore, “everyone knows” that God judges sinners who fail to repent. “Everyone knows” all this, right? I believe that the Bible is our only source of authority, even for the things that “everyone knows.” A good student of the [...]

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Principles of Dispensational Biblical Interpretation

We have a Bible that is rich, meaningful, and accurate. How do we make it applicable without misusing the words of Scripture?  We are instructed to "rightly divide the Word of truth" (2 Timothy 3:16). In this episode of Ask the Theologian, Dr. Randy White gives principles of dispensational Biblical interpretation. Dispensationalism is a "hermeneutic," that is, a system of Biblical interpretation. Many confuse dispensationalism with an end-times world-view, but that is really an inaccurate view.  Dispensationalism has as much to do with the book of Genesis as it does the [...]

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The Dispensational Principle of Carryover

And how it can save you from theological error! Dr. Randy White One of the bedrock principles of dispensational theology is “rightly dividing” the Word. Far more than “careful handling,” this phrase means to “make a straight cut” in the Word. Without dividing the Word into its various portions (Heb. 1:1) or dispensations, the Word will be a mish-mash of teaching that will be handled in a pick-and-choose style. Covenant theologians are notoriously famous for this cafeteria approach to the Bible. The Pick and Choose Approach Not having a theological means [...]

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Understanding Dispensationalism

A dispensational interpretation of Scripture is one of the doctrinal distinctives of this ministry. In this recording of our online Bible study, I explain what dispensationalism is and how it is a framework for Biblical interpretation. This is our first Bible study in our new full-video format. Join us each Thursday on LiveStream for more!  Click here for our LiveStream page.

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Making the Simple Difficult – Analyzing John 2:23-24

Dr. Randy White There are a number of simple scriptures that are consistently made difficult because of a failure to rightly divide the Word.  The chief culprit is when one approaches Scripture with a Covenant Theology lens, which fails to divide the Word into appropriate administrations, economies, or dispensations. Rather than these dispensations, Covenant Theology uses a system of three covenants (redemption, works, and grace) as the interpretive framework. Using this framework, a number of conflicts arise, conflicts that simply disappear when a dispensational framework is used. […]

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A Contrast of Character | A Rich Ruler & A Rich Publican

Dr. Randy White Both the Rich Young Ruler and Zacchaeus were wealthy men, and display a contrast of character as it relates to wealth. Two of the most familiar stories of the Gospels are the Rich Young Ruler and Zacchaeus, the wee-little tax collector. While almost any child who promoted from 5th grade Sunday School could tell these two stories fairly accurately, most seminary-educated pastors cannot link the two stories as being connected in the real life and ministry of Jesus Christ. […]

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