Creationism vs. Evolution: Can They Both Be True?

If you don’t fully believe in creationism, or that God made the world and everything in it, and you don’t fully believe in the theory of evolution, that time and natural selection eventually led to [...]

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What is the Trinity? (Why God is Singular Yet Plural)

Dr. Randy White In my last post, I wrote about God's preexistence. As if preexistence weren’t confusing enough, the Bible introduces the notion of the Trinity very early on. Even though the word “Trinity” isn’t [...]

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Why I Left the Southern Baptist Convention

Elbert White With this letter I am submitting my resignation. Over the past few years, the Southern Baptist Convention has taken a theological leaning to the left. At the same time, I have taken a [...]

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Taos Prophecy Conference with Jimmy DeYoung

Taos First Baptist Church will host the Taos Prophecy Conference June 19-21, 2016. You can join us from anywhere in the world, live and online! The conference will feature world-renowned prophecy teacher, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. [...]

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When Your Church’s Doctrine Drifts

Dr. Randy White On my weekly broadcast, “Ask the Theologian,” a listener asked, “How should we respond to the de-emphasis of sound doctrine and the continued movement towards entertainment and unbiblical teachings which are taking [...]

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