Praying in the Age of Grace | Session 1

02/05/17 – The doctrine of Prayer has been unbelievably abused in the church today. Even a cursory look at books on prayer written over the past 50 years show that in this generation the very definition of prayer has changed. Many people are unaware of what has crept into their theology through unbiblical teaching on prayer.

In this series Dr. Randy White looks at prayer from a dispensational perspective.

What prayer promises are available in the age of grace?
What prayer obligations are required in the age of grace?
Can we ask and receive anything we ask for?
Does God speak to us through prayer?
Is prayer a dialogue?

Why do some of the prayers of the dearest believers remain unanswered?
If one will approach prayer with a Berean attitude he or she will discover that there are some very difficult issues as it relates to prayer in our dispensation. Join us for a journey of rightly dividing the Scripture to develop a dispensational doctrine of prayer.

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