The New Covenant

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Course-New-Covenant Are Christians today living under the New Covenant, as much of the church believes? Is the church living out the promises found in Jeremiah 31? In this course we will look closely at Hebrews 8.6-13 as we begin to question some common assumptions about the new covenant.



LESSON 1 | What We Believe About the New Covenant

Length: 7 minutes


In this lesson we will learn why it’s important to have a correct understanding of the Bible and why it matters. We will examine what most believe the New Covenant is and where those beliefs came from. We will lay the groundwork for future lessons, as we begin to examine our own beliefs about the new covenant.

LESSON 2 | Hebrews 8:6, The Better Covenant

Length: 13 minutes


In this lesson we will look closely at the eighth chapter of Hebrews as we begin to cull through what is meant by, the better covenant, who is the mediator of this covenant, and what it means to be established upon better promises. We will also answer the question, exactly where does the church fit today if it is not part of the new covenant.

LESSON 3 | Intended People of the New Covenant

Length: 11 minutes


In this lesson we will look closely at Hebrews 8.7-9 as we begin to understand what the first covenant wasn’t able to do and exactly who the new covenant was intended for.

LESSON 4 | Covenant with the House of Israel

Length: 13 minutes


In this lesson we will look at the last few verses of Hebrews chapter 8 as we review exactly who God is referring to when he says he will make his covenant with the house of Israel. We will see some interesting distinctions between the old and new covenant as it relates to God establishing his covenants and then later enacting them.