Why You Need a King James Version Bible – Part 1

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Course-King-James A generation ago we gave up the KJV because it was too hard to read. But why was it not too difficult for our grandparents and their parents and their parents to read?  What did we really give up when we stopped using the KJV? In this course you will learn why the KJV is the best bible to use for the person who is serious about their Bible study. You will learn what some of the old English word endings really mean and why it matters.  After completing this course you will walk away with a richer understanding of the language used in your King James Bible and a deeper appreciation for the translators of the KJB.


LESSON 1 | What did we give up when we stopped using the KJV?

Length: 8 minutes

In this lesson we briefly explore a few translations of the Bible and discuss what has been compromised when the last generation stopped using the KJV. Even though the KJV is harder for individuals to see and hear and to read and understand, we will begin to discover it’s tremendous value, even in today’s contemporary world.

LESSON 2 | Words in the Bible That End in EST AND ETH

Length: 12 minutes


English grammar has never been more interesting as we begin to discover the meaning behind words which end with est and eth, as you would find in words such as prayest and knocketh. You will be amazed at how the translators of the KJV were able to use specific word endings to help you gain precise understanding of words. We will look at specific passages of Scripture as we begin to apply this lesson. You may want to take notes!

LESSON 3 | Thee, Thy, Thine and Thou & Ye, You, and Yours

Length: 10 minutes


As we continue our English grammar lesson we will turn our attention to more words, which will continue to unlock some very basic and fundamental meanings for you.  You will learn an easy way to remember the difference between thee, thy, thine, thou and ye, you, and yours. We will gain practical experience as we look at specific Scriptures and apply them to our understanding.

LESSON 4 | KJV Translates While Modern Translations Interpret

Length: 17 minutes


Modern translators have come along and interpreted the Bible for us. They make all kinds of interpretations, on our behalf, while many people don’t even realize it.  In this lesson we will learn about some of the ways Bible translations are interpreting the Bible for you, employing methods such as italics, or lack of italics, quotations and capitalization of pronouns; all as a way of making the Bible easier to read, but compromising the truth of scripture.