Our monthly supporters are the financial foundation of our ministry!

We have two groups of supporters

  • Club 8 – Members give $8 monthly
  • Club 360 – Members give $30 monthly or a total of $360 annually
When you join Club 8 or Club 360, we have special pricing benefits as a way to say Thank You for your prayerful support.
  • Club 8 members: A free, signed copy of Dr. White’s book, The Antichrist. Plus all audio and video resources are available for instant download.  Join Club 8 and have endless hours of teaching from your computer, smartphone, or to burn onto your CDs for listening anywhere.
  • Club 360 members: A free, signed copy of Dr. White’s book, The Antichrist.  Plus, receive all resources are available for download or, if you prefer, receive hard copies at no additional cost.  Join Club 360 and never pay for another resource!

Why $8?

  • $8 is something almost every person can afford.  It is roughly 25 cents each day!
  • Eight is a number which signifies resurrection.  Eight is the “beginning again” number.
  • The 8th note on a piano starts the scale over again.
  • The 8th day starts the week over again.
  • The Lord was raised on the 8th day–the day after the 7th.
  • There were 8 people on the ark to begin the human existence again.
  • A Jewish boy was circumcised on the 8th day.
  • Eight is a “New Beginnings” number!

Why 360?

  • The Jewish calendar was built on a 360 day year, with 12 months of 30 days.
  • There are 360 degrees in a circle, so 360 is the “full circle.”
  • The number 30 is the number of complete depth in Biblical numerology.  For example, a Priest came to the age of maturity at 30 years old.
  • It is just $1 a day to support conservative, convictional Bible teaching.

To begin your Club 8 or Club 360 membership, click here.

Or call to join: 855-437-9448.