Club 8 / 360

Our monthly supporters are the financial foundation of our ministry!

We have two groups of supporters

  • Club 8 – Members give $8 monthly
  • Club 360 – Members give $30 monthly or a total of $360 annually
When you join Club 8 or Club 360, we have a special gift as a way to say Thank You for your prayerful support.
  • Club 8 members: A free, signed copy of Dr. White’s book, The Antichrist.
  • Club 360 members: A free, signed copy of Dr. White’s book, The Antichrist and The Bible Graphically Presented.

Why $8?

  • $8 is something almost every person can afford.  It is roughly 25 cents each day!
  • Eight is a number which signifies resurrection.  Eight is the “beginning again” number.
  • The 8th note on a piano starts the scale over again.
  • The 8th day starts the week over again.
  • The Lord was raised on the 8th day–the day after the 7th.
  • There were 8 people on the ark to begin the human existence again.
  • A Jewish boy was circumcised on the 8th day.
  • Eight is a “New Beginnings” number!

Why 360?

  • The Jewish calendar was built on a 360 day year, with 12 months of 30 days.
  • There are 360 degrees in a circle, so 360 is the “full circle.”
  • The number 30 is the number of complete depth in Biblical numerology.  For example, a Priest came to the age of maturity at 30 years old.
  • It is just $1 a day to support conservative, convictional Bible teaching.

To begin your Club 8 or Club 360 membership, click here for our donation page, then create a recurring $8 or $30 gift (or, if you prefer, give a one-time gift of $96 or $360) and use the “Club 8” or “Club 360” designation. We will then recognize your contribution as a club member and send your books right away.

Or call to join: 855-437-9448.