Who are the Elect?

Matthew 22:14 says that, “Many are called, but few are chosen.” The word chosen is eclectos, or “elect.”  So who are the elect? Who are the chosen ones? In this episode of Ask the Theologian, Dr. Randy White uses Scripture to interpret this important passage of Scripture. When this question is answered correctly, the rest of the “elect” Scriptures have a rich and full meaning. […]

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Saving Belief | John 2:23-24 | Ask the Theologian (Video)

One of the most perplexing scriptures for many people is John 2:23-24. In these two verses, Jesus rejects a group of people who “believe in His name.”  How can this be? What does this say about the promise that all who believe in His name will be saved? […]

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WWJD? Are you sure?

WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) has become a code of ethics for millions of Christian believers. Dr. Randy White questions this code from a conservative, Biblical viewpoint. Should we do what Jesus would do? Can we do what Jesus would do? Do we know what Jesus would do? If you prefer to read this teaching, click here.

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Calvin's TULIP

This series of online Bible studies takes a non-Calvinist look at Calvinism, especially Calvin's TULIP. The basic tenets of Calvinism are Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, and Preservation of the Saints. Each session we will ask whether or not the basic tenet is Biblical. Use the player below to view each session.  To download for offline viewing, log in to your Club 8 or Club 360 account using the login form on this page. Slides are available for viewing at the bottom of the page. In the slide [...]

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How I Interpret the Bible

Our first online Bible study was on Covenant -vs- Dispensational theology, in a lesson Dr. White called "How I Interpret the Bible." Online Bible studies will be coming soon, Thursdays at 8:00 PM. They are free! Register for our email newsletter to be notified. Watching the video below, you may learn that you need to relearn how you interpret the Bible!

Hitler was NOT a Christian: A Christian Response to a False Accusation

Hitler was NOT a Christian: A Christian Response to a False Accusation May 27th, 2012 |  Author: Lighthouse Trails author LTRP NOTE: Another compelling video from Shazooloo from the UK and a good reminder of what true Christianity is and what can happen to a society that rejects true Christianity. Also below the video see a related article by Tony Pearce (also from the UK) called “The Nazis and God.” CAUTION: There are some disturbing historical images in this video and children should not watch this. by Tony Pearce Light for the Last Days Ministries (excerpt from The [...]

Was December 25 Jesus' Birthday?

Over, over, and over I hear that December 25 was not the real birthday of Jesus.  I've heard it so much that I never questioned it.  Until now! I began to question this assumption based on my respect for our Christian forefathers.  Were they really so worldly that they chose pagan holidays to celebrate Jesus' birth?  Were they so spiritually out-of-touch that they felt they could adopt patterns of Saturnalia worship and other pagan wintry festivals? Something made me want to trust them more.  On many other counts I look back [...]