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Why I Left the Southern Baptist Convention

Elbert White With this letter I am submitting my resignation. Over the past few years, the Southern Baptist Convention has taken a theological leaning to the left. At the same time, I have taken a theological turn to the right. It really wasn’t that quick and easy of a decision, but that sentence embodies my basic reason for leaving a Southern Baptist Church and the Southern Baptist Convention. I wasn’t born a Baptist. As young adults my wife, Patty, and I joined Boyd Avenue Baptist Church in Casper, Wyoming. That was [...]

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It’s Embarrassing: Russell Moore Represents You and Me

Nathan Britton Dr. Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the SBC, has a propensity for being out-of-line with the heart and soul of the SBC.  This is hugely problematic considering the fact that he de facto represents you, me, and over sixteen million other Southern Baptists.  He is the point man for setting public policy on issues of ethics, morality, and freedom.   And he is doing a shameful job!  Perhaps no greater example can be given than his recent call for judges in Alabama to resign [...]

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Making Men out of Monkeys: Does the Bible teach that man evolved from monkeys?

Jared C. Wellman This article originally posted at JaredWellman.com A well-known American idiom is, “You’re making a monkey out of me!” It means to make someone look foolish. When it comes to the general belief of where humans come from, this idiom is, albeit flipped, standardly employed by our leading scientists. They make men out of monkeys. And, although it’s unpopular to say so, the idiom’s original meaning is applicable, too. As foolish as it is to “make a monkey out of a man,” it’s even more foolish to make a man [...]

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Some Things I Am For…

Nathan Britton Note: Pastor Nathan Britton of First Baptist Church of Taos, NM was my assistant for a number of years while he was in Seminary. For two years he has been in New Mexico and has done a wonderful job bringing new life to a historic congregation. Few young pastors understand Scripture as well as Nathan Britton. He posted this list on Facebook, and I asked his permission to repost it here. I hope you’ll consider being “for” these same things.  RW […]

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Lessons from Thanksgiving Pilgrims

Paul J. Scharf Scroll to the bottom of the of the page to listen to the special blogtalk radio program with Randy White and Paul Scharf on the content of this article There is no question about it—Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, bar none. The mere word warms my heart and causes my mind to click through the memories of Novembers long past. It conjures up images of family and dear friends—some now departed— gathered around a bountiful table; of special services at church and shortened weeks of school; of singing [...]

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Israel Inspired: Our story must be told

The following is written by my Jewish friend, Jeremy Gimpel.  Jeremy expresses the need to tell the modern Jewish story in a different way than it is normally done. It is a great reminder for Christian supporters of Israel. by Jeremy Gimpel. Originally posted in the Jerusalem Post. If we hope to win the hearts and minds of people around the world, we must speak not only as modern Israelis but as Jews. […]

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The Coming Kingdom, Part 15

Dr. Andy Woods Because today's evangelical world believes that the church is experiencing the Messianic kingdom, we began a study chronicling what the Bible teaches about the kingdom. This earthly kingdom is anticipated in the office of Theocratic Administrator that was lost in Eden, in the biblical covenants, in the predictions of the Old Testament prophets, and in the earthly theocracy governing Israel from the time of Moses to Zedekiah. This theocratic arrangement terminated with the initiation of the "Times of the Gentiles" when the nation had no king reigning on [...]

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"The Bible" Review, Part 4

Jared Wellman “Change the world,” a caucasian Jesus answers, in a slightly British accent. This is how Part Three of The History Channel’s The Bible ends. But The History Channel seems to have a different perception of what “changing the world” means than Jesus. This is revealed not by what is included in Part Four of the series, but in what is left out. And what’s worse, The Bible did not leave important scenes from the Bible out; it left important moments out of the important scenes, essentially reformatting the original context of the events. […]

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"The Bible" Review, Part 3

Jared C. Wellman Part Three of The Bible covers six-hundred years of history in two hours. The stories were fairly well done, but it is not unreasonable at this point to suggest that the producers are more interested in recreating the cinematics from the movie 300 than they are with biblical accuracy. There are essentially three story lines detailed in Part Three. These include Jerusalem’s fall to Babylon (Zedekiah and Jeremiah), Israel’s life while in captivity to Babylon (Daniel), and the introduction to the life of Jesus. While I could spend time talking about each [...]

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"The Bible" Review, Part 2

Jared C. Wellman In my review of Part One of The Bible, I summarized my thoughts in the sentence, “Over dramatized, under theologized.” While this statement is still fairly applicable for Part Two, I must admit that I was much more impressed with the second part than I was the first. […]

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