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A Doctrinal Crises

Randy White This article was originally published at There is a doctrinal crisis in the broader Christian world today. It is a crisis that is seen in Protestant, evangelical, and, to a lesser degree, in fundamentalist circles. It is a crisis that is rampant within denominational churches and a growing menace in independent churches. For several generations, doctrinal teaching has been out of favor. Today, the chickens have come home to roost. As I see it, the doctrinal crises has three roots. Problem 1: doctrine has been boiled down to [...]

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Taos Prophecy Conference 2018

Taos First Baptist Church will host the Taos Prophecy Conference October 5-7, 2018 The conference will focus on the "Sick State of the Evangelical Church" and will look at the many examples of how evangelicalism has drifted away from the fundamentals of the Christian faith and into the New Age, mysticism, and self-help psychology. Conference Schedule Friday, October 5 - 6:00 - 9:00 PM Saturday, October 6 - 9:30 - 11:30 AM Sunday, October 7 - 9:45 AM and 10:45 AM Meet Our Speakers We have three well-informed and experienced communicators [...]

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The Coming Civil War

Dr. Randy White From what I have seen in recent days, it seems evident that leftists simply hate our country, our constitution, and Western Civilization in general. They have banded together to destroy everything about our way of life. They have no care whatsoever for any integrity of the political process, nor for rule of law, nor constitutional rights. They will attack and destroy anything that gets in the way of their victory. They will make politics and service to country so risky that no conservative would dare put himself/herself into [...]

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Jerusalem, Israel’s Eternal Capital

Jerusalem, Israel’s Eternal Capital: Why President Trump Did the Right Thing Dr. Randy White On December 6, 2017, President Trump finally did what American Presidents and politicians have said they would do for decades. Both Democratic and Republican candidates have said they believe that Jerusalem is the eternal and undivided capital of Israel and the Jewish people. Until now, neither Democratic nor Republican Presidents have actually followed through with their campaign rhetoric. The U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv December 6 changed all of that. President Trump finally delivered. Just [...]

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If You Believe in Privilege, Read This

Recently a video that is supposed to help privileged young people understand privilege has gone through social media. It is one of those videos that makes us say, "Oh my, so this is how life really is!" It is a worldview video, shaping the worldview of unsuspecting souls. It is, in my opinion, expressing an unbiblical worldview, and those who are watching should not adopt it's anti-Judeo-Christian message. Watch the video, then see below for why I disagree. Then share the truth!   Why I don’t agree with this video: [...]

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Introducing the New Randy White Ministries App!

Nathan White My father and I have been hard at work thinking of ways to make our content more accessible to the world! His vision has always been to create an online community that is focused on rightly dividing the word of truth. Today it is easier than ever before to join this community, study the Word of God, and "Question the Assumptions." Today we are introducing our first ever smartphone app! One app can change everything! It is now possible to listen to sermons, read your favorite articles from Dr. [...]

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Reflections from a Homeless Man’s Funeral

Dr. Randy White This week I officiated a funeral for a homeless man. It was a sociologists dream. Every "misfit" you could imagine was in the small crowd. Several of the men I had met previously just because I'm the pastor of the church on the "main drag," so I was somewhat familiar with a few of them. Others I had never seen. It was a very "free flowing" service, to say the least. Since homeless people like to talk, and since I didn't know the man, I let people share [...]

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Why the Purpose Driven Cult Doesn’t Lead to Meaningful Lives

Dr. Randy White Somewhere in the past 40 years “Purpose” has become our god. I suppose Rick Warren revealed this god more than he invented it in his wildly successful book, The Purpose Driven Life. Somewhere, having Purpose (yes, I’m capitalizing it on purpose, since it has taken a god-like status) became a “must have” for western culture. Earlier this year, Facebook tycoon (and socialism advocate) Mark Zuckerberg spoke at the Harvard University commencement, saying, “Today I want to talk about purpose. But I’m not here to give you the standard [...]

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The Value of Biblical Exposition in Evangelism

Dr. Randy White Once upon a time, churches met on Sunday mornings for “preaching services.” In these services, preachers preached the Word of God, often verse-by-verse. They were chiefly teachers of the Word, and the faithful attenders were the eager students. They carried their Bible, took notes, and (over time) became experts of the Scriptures. Then, a thing called the Church Growth Movement changed all that. The Sunday morning service changed from the “Preaching Service” to the “Worship Service,” which eventually changed to the “Worship Gathering,” and further changed to simply, [...]

The Sickness in Discernment Ministries

Dr. Randy White NOTE: This article has received criticism both here and here To both ministries, I reached out with a personal contact, giving my personal cell number, and expressing a desire to discuss the issues at hand. With Lighthouse Trails Research Project, I expressed my appreciation for their ministry (they are a good one) and offered to edit the article below, taking any suggestions they might have. The full response from Deborah Dombrowski was, "We don’t have anything to discuss with you about your article as we have already posted [...]