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Did God Really Make the World in 7 Days?

The timeline of creation may have been debated ever since the beginning of time. Skeptics live up to their name when asked to consider a literal six days of creation. Even believers within Christianity fall along a wide spectrum of belief when it comes to the length of time covered in the creation account of Genesis 1. But the Bible pulls no punches. Where we often want to introduce complexity, the Bible speaks clearly: “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that [...]

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What is the Trinity? (Why God is Singular Yet Plural)

Dr. Randy White In my last post, I wrote about God's preexistence. As if preexistence weren’t confusing enough, the Bible introduces the notion of the Trinity very early on. Even though the word “Trinity” isn’t used in the Bible, the Church uses this word as shorthand to denote the essential yet challenging aspect of God-in-three-persons. Trinity in Genesis 1 The first verse of Genesis doesn’t reveal the Trinity’s “threeness,” but it does reveal its “many-ness:” "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."  The Hebrew word for God in Genesis [...]

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What Does It Mean That God Is Preexistent?

For the next few months, I’ll be sharing parts of 30 Things You Need to Know about Your Bible (If You Claim to Know Your Bible), the book I’m currently writing. Each topic within these blog posts will often be a subtopic of a larger “thing.” For instance, I explain God’s preexistence in the first chapter of 30 Things, which covers what a Bible-believing Christian should know about the creation of the world. Every one of these topics is important to understand because every one of them ultimately reveals who God [...]

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30 Things You Need to Know About Your Bible

I’m currently working on a book tentatively titled 30 Things You Need to Know about Your Bible (If You Claim to Know Your Bible). It’s being written so that any student of the Word, from the newbie to the expert, could pass a test about basic biblical events and knowledge. The book will be published by Dispensational Publishing House. “But, Preacher, couldn’t I just read my Bible and figure these things out?” Certainly, you could, but this book is just a bit shorter than the entire Bible, and it will help [...]

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Does God Still Speak to Us Today?

Dr. Randy White On my weekly broadcast, “Ask the Theologian,” a listener asked, “Do you think that God still speaks to us today, and if so, how?” He prefaced his question by referring to a post I’d written concerning whether God still speaks through dreams and visions. Just a few days before that question, I received an email which asked the same question: “What’s your view of how God speaks today?” Apparently, the question of whether God speaks to people today, and how he does so, still intrigues us today. The [...]

When Your Church’s Doctrine Drifts

Dr. Randy White On my weekly broadcast, “Ask the Theologian,” a listener asked, “How should we respond to the de-emphasis of sound doctrine and the continued movement towards entertainment and unbiblical teachings which are taking place in so many churches?" I could have answered with just one word: “Move.” But seldom are such issues so clear-cut. The Entertainment of Application-Based Sermons All Christians have a biblical responsibility to each other to ensure the continued preaching of sound doctrine in our churches. As Paul wrote to young Timothy, “Reprove, rebuke, exhort with [...]

How important is Baptism?

Dr. Randy White It’s no secret that different denominations have different ideas about Baptism. In fact, this is one of the most common distinguishing marks of separation between denominations. Whether you are Baptist, like me, or some other denomination, we need to question the assumptions about this important spiritual activity. As a Baptist, I think there are some ways in which we have made too much of Baptism. This may cause me to have to turn in my Baptist Card since baptism is the source of our denominational identity. Because of [...]

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Reasons for Skepticism About “Visits” to Heaven

Dr. Randy White  Those who were around for Y2K remember the hysteria. Yet the talk of drastic food shortages, arming yourself against mobs running wild in the streets, and other “prophecies” proved more fantasy than reality. Still, the turn of the century ushered in a phenomenon that has developed largely under the radar. I’m talking about Americans’ fascination with mysticism, as personified by the popularity of books and movies about visits to heaven. Heaven is for Real is one of the most popular, with the book selling more than 10 million [...]

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Colossians Verse-by-Verse

The book of Colossians studied verse-by-verse is the Thursday night online Bible study topic beginning April 14, 2016. For the next several months we will look at the powerful theological truths of the book. Written through the pen of the Apostle Paul, the book proclaims the preeminence of Christ and our completeness in Him. You will be blessed as you join us live, or on the archives, for each session of this fascinating study of God's Word. The live sessions are found on our LiveStream page. Archived sessions are available on [...]