The Coming Civil War

Dr. Randy White

From what I have seen in recent days, it seems evident that leftists simply hate our country, our constitution, and Western Civilization in general. They have banded together to destroy everything about our way of life. They have no care whatsoever for any integrity of the political process, nor for rule of law, nor constitutional rights. They will attack and destroy anything that gets in the way of their victory. They will make politics and service to country so risky that no conservative would dare put himself/herself into the firing line, and those who do so will risk “their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor.” The brave conservative men and women who step forward for national service will be lied about, framed, endangered, threatened, harassed, imprisoned, and bankrupted. For those not in politics but still conservative, the left will eventually make their lives so utterly miserable and unsustainable that anyone who holds a conservative view will eventually just be quiet and move to the sidelines.

The Leftist Modus Operandi  

Defeating conservative leadership in our society has become relatively easy, and very predictable. First, if a conservative is “pure as the driven snow,” they will fabricate his wretchedness and feign shock at his immorality. I have heard stories from Eastern Europe of how the murderous communist regimes would have pastors arrested under infractions of laws that were designed to entrap them, then they would frame them with pictures that were designed to shock and offend the pastor’s congregation to eradicate any support. The modern leftists will use the same evil tactics of those murderous regimes. They will not tolerate a conservative in any kind of leadership in American society. The accuser will always be considered righteous and pure, and the man or woman who has lived an exemplary life will be unfit for public service. The words of Isaiah 5:20 seem fitting: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

But what if a conservative is tainted with past behavior that doesn’t align with their current conservative values? This is even more simple to eradicate. The leftists will manipulate conservatives to do the dirty work of crucifixion on their behalf. And while they promote every form of debauchery themselves, the leftists will stand with the evangelical left (who will serve as their village idiots) in simulated horror at the behavior of this wretched conservative.

If, after this “cultural cleansing,” there remain conservatives with enough backbone to stand to the end, then there will be civil war. The left will stop at nothing less, and have already started the war, in a sense. They have weaponized education, politics, religion, and the media. They will use every conceivable opportunity to create havoc, then they will use this havoc to call for “decency.” Then they will incite more havoc so they can call for more “decency.” Then finally, when they get enough havoc, the havoc will erupt in a battle for “decency.” They will never “fight fair.” They will use double-standard, hypocrisy, innuendo, manipulation, and outright lies. (Beware of havoc caused by leftists, and don’t fall for the bait).

Who will go along with them? 

There are four groups of non-leftists that will join the leftists in the battle. They will aid and abet the enemy.

The Republican politicians who look at America with rose-colored glasses, thinking that everyone deserves their time at the microphone, everyone will play fair, everyone is nice. These Republicans are living in a dream world. They are the Bushes, the McCains, the McConnels and the Ryans of American politics. They bought into the idea of a kinder-gentler form of conservatism. It turns out that is the kind of conservatism the leftists can use to advance their anti-American agenda. It’s the kind that is soft on nationalism and big on government “fixes.”

The few Millennials who call themselves conservative but have no real view of either conservative principles nor the need to fight for those principles. They also have a distorted view that being kind and loving and tenderhearted will win friends and influence enemies. They do not know that this world has both good and evil.

The Evangelicals, who have followed their leaders down the primrose path of the fake religious experience of emotional feel-goodism. They feel good about their mission trips that are purely humanitarian, about their worship services that are designed with precision and perfection for manipulating the feel-good spirit (and sucking some cash out of their pocket), their social-justice initiatives that confuse the gospel with justice that isn’t justice at all, but thinly disguised socialism (and even with the thin disguise the proponents do not recognize it), and their Bible studies that allow participants to leave their Bible at home but require a $24.99 workbook from the latest cool-cat preacher or woman-non-preacher-who-acts-like-one.

The Pseudo-conservatives of all labels that have such an open mind that their brains fell out (though they typically come from the educated elite—those few of that crowd that will claim conservatism). These pseudo-conservatives will stand and defend the rights of every radical leftist based on “principle,” all while missing the bigger principle. Take Colin Kapernick, for example. “Well, he does have a point about police brutality.” He doesn’t, actually, and even if he did, his behavior should be soundly condemned on the just principle that you don’t mix your protests. Should his “point” be protested by shouting during sermons at random churches and encouraging others to do the same? Or by starting a movement to stick out your tongue at mothers-in-law? Of course not, and we would never allow such immature and self-serving behavior. Yet everyday pseudo-conservatives defend Kapernick as he squats before our flag. Or, if you need another example, remind people that 17 murderous thugs killed almost 3,000 of our citizens on 9/11 and that it was a religion of hate and bloodshed that fueled it, paid for it, and danced in the street when it happened. Or, if you need another example, just go to social media and mention the black-on-black bloodshed in Chicago, which is under an oppressive leftist regime and has made much the city into a dangerous, thug-ridden, third-world neighborhood of the likes of San Pedro Sula. It will take less than a half-hour for the pseudo-conservatives to chastise you as uncaring and racist, with never a hint of putting blame where blame belongs: the inept leftist leadership in city hall and city education.

Who will fight?

In the end, who will stand and fight? It will be a few old men (albeit heavily armed and with the determination of a mama bear defending her cubs). These men have already fought battles and built businesses and raised families and have no concern whether they die in the battle. There are no snowflakes among this group. Their wives will join them. Their children will join them (but not until the blood is deep in the streets). These are the men that are soundly condemned for a “get off my lawn” attitude. But they are the men that understand what is at stake. These men love their grandkids and will give their lives for their good future. These men live for God, for family, for country. They are far from perfect, but they are the men who will come to the aid of their country.

My prayer is that I am wholeheartedly wrong and will have to hang my head in shame over my poor analysis of our current society. But my fear is that, whether it be near or distant, the battle will come.

May God give courageous men swift and sure victory, should the battle come.