If You Believe in Privilege, Read This

Recently a video that is supposed to help privileged young people understand privilege has gone through social media. It is one of those videos that makes us say, “Oh my, so this is how life really is!” It is a worldview video, shaping the worldview of unsuspecting souls.

It is, in my opinion, expressing an unbiblical worldview, and those who are watching should not adopt it’s anti-Judeo-Christian message.

Watch the video, then see below for why I disagree. Then share the truth!

If someone doesn't understand privilege, show them this video

Everyone needs to watch this

Posted by VT on Monday, October 30, 2017


Why I don’t agree with this video:

  • It makes the assumption that a mom and dad who stay married, work long hours to pay the bills, provide the “fineries” of life, and put food on the table is “privilege.” This isn’t privilege, it is the result of living Judeo-Christian values. It doesn’t come easy; it doesn’t come cheap; it doesn’t come quick. It was blood, sweat, and tears shed from and passed from one generation to the next, generations who consistently lived God-honoring lives.
  • It makes the assumption that scholarships due to athletics are NOT privilege while scholarships due to academic excellence ARE privilege.
  • It makes the assumption that those who come from families who have paid the price “have been given more opportunity, more head start.” As if it is shameful that your parents worked their butts off and sacrificed their own wellbeing for you to have your “privilege” –something you should now be ashamed of. This is the ultimate way to dishonor both hard work and your mother and father.
  • It makes the assumption that those who had this so-called “privilege” should utilize their money to “learn someone else’s story,” which, I suppose, means give your $100 away because you didn’t deserve it. Our bigoted parents used to call this socialism.
  • It makes the assumption that life is not a fair race. This is socialism at its very core, assuming that it is not fair if everyone does not start at the same place. Life cannot be boiled down to a foot race. If your worldview comes from foot-race analogies, you’ve got a very thin worldview (and the worldview of this video is really a thinly veiled promotion of socialism).
  • It says that “nothing you have done has put you in the lead,” thus, of course, you should be ashamed of your “head start.” The truth is that much, if not all of your lead IS because of things you have done, and the rest of it is because of things your parents and grandparents did. Every lead we have is due to things we have done. No lead (none whatsoever) is an “accident” of birth. If you have a lead in finances, it is because someone risked something and worked hard. If you have a lead in athletics, it is because you spent countless hours practicing (and your parents probably spent that many hours, and more, helping you). If you have a lead in intellect, it is because you spent your hours reading, studying, and thinking. If you have a lead in “natural” good looks, it is because you valued presentation and worked hard to take the face you were given and make it beautiful (I’m convinced that beauty is 90% the result of hard work).
  • It says, “If this was a fair race, some of these black dudes would smoke all of you.” This is just racism, race-baiting, or both, and the makers of the video should be ashamed. It once again rejects the real cause of success in this life (generations of living under Judeo-Christian values) and implies that non-blacks have somehow cheated to get ahead.
  • It concludes by saying, “If someone doesn’t understand privilege, show them this video.” It would be so much better if you would show this article to someone who believes that there is such a thing as “privilege,” when in reality there is only the fruits of hard work, Biblical values, and consistently getting out of bed, getting to work, doing your best, taking risks, and building a brighter future.