Principles of Dispensational Biblical Interpretation

We have a Bible that is rich, meaningful, and accurate. How do we make it applicable without misusing the words of Scripture? ¬†We are instructed to “rightly divide the Word of truth” (2 Timothy 3:16).

In this episode of Ask the Theologian, Dr. Randy White gives principles of dispensational Biblical interpretation. Dispensationalism is a “hermeneutic,” that is, a system of Biblical interpretation. Many confuse dispensationalism with an end-times world-view, but that is really an inaccurate view. ¬†Dispensationalism has as much to do with the book of Genesis as it does the book of Revelation.

This ministry believes that dispensational interpretation will save you from misunderstanding and misapplication of Scripture. This episode of Ask the Theologian will help you understand dispensational hermeneutics!

The principles discussed and explained are:

  1. Don’t read from the back to the front. Read it like you would any other book!
  2. Don’t carry the front to the back. We sometimes read the New Testament as if the Old Testament was still in effect.
  3. Look for revelations or events that change all the rules. There are a few areas of Scripture that contain such a change that all the rules changed from that point and following.
  4. Only apply the rules given in a dispensation in that particular dispensation. You can’t apply the rules of grace to the age of the Law.
  5. Interpret words strictly, literally, and in their context. If words mean something, let them mean what they mean!

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