Ironside versus Bullinger: The Battle of Hyper-Dispensationalism

I am a dispensationalist. I’m sometimes even hyper about it. The truths I’ve gleaned from the Bible through the dispensational method have been life-changing.

Having been a dispensationalist for many years, but not having been one all my life, I also recognize some of the vicious battles within dispensationalism. There are progressive dispensationalists, classic dispensationalists, mid-Acts dispensationalists, hyper-dispensationalists, and every form in between.

For the most part, all the divides within dispensationalism fall into these categories:

  • Is there a present Kingdom in any form?
  • When did the dispensation of grace begin?
  • Is election for national Israel or for individuals?

The manner in which one answers these questions determines, in large part, who your dispensational friends will be and who may call you (incorrectly) a heretic. It seems that the dispensational family is a strong-willed family and the family feuds sometimes get very public.

In the late 1930s, one of the most public dispensational family feuds took place between two famed dispensationalists, Harry Ironside and E.W. Bullinger. Ironside was the Pastor of the Moody Church and Bullinger was long deceased, having died in 1913, but having a long career as an Anglican pastor, theologian, linguist, and prolific author. Ironside wrote a series of letters (placed into book form in 1938) called Wrongly Dividing the Word of TruthIn the book, Ironside went so far as to call Bullinger’s ultra-dispensationalism “an absolutely Satanic perversion of the truth.”

Over several broadcasts, the Thursday Night Online Bible Study led by Dr. Randy White will cover this family feud and consider the accusations and positions of Ironside and Bullinger. Our effort is to take an honest Biblical look at the issues and to be good Bereans as we search the Scripture for truth.

Following the topics of Ironside’s book, the study will look at:

  • What is ultra-dispensationalism?
  • What is the relationship of the four gospels to the church?
  • Is the church found in the book of Acts the body of Christ?
  • When was the revelation of the mystery given?
  • Is the church the Bride of Christ?
  • What place to Baptism and the Lord’s Supper have in the church?

This should be an enlightening study that will challenge those of every position and, prayerfully, drive each of us to understand the Word of God more fully.

The series will be broadcast on Thursday nights at 7:00 PM Mountain Time. To receive text alerts of each broadcast, text “randywhite” to 97000.  Each broadcast will be available at our YouTube channel.