Introducing the New Randy White Ministries App!

Nathan White

My father and I have been hard at work thinking of ways to make our content more accessible to the world! His vision has always been to create an online community that is focused on rightly dividing the word of truth. Today it is easier than ever before to join this community, study the Word of God, and “Question the Assumptions.”

Today we are introducing our first ever smartphone app!

One app can change everything! It is now possible to listen to sermons, read your favorite articles from Dr. White, and even read the Bible from within the app. What makes this app even more powerful is the ability to submit your questions to be answered on our live weekly broadcast of “Ask the Theologian.”

Live Stream

Watch our sermons the moment they go to Youtube. Every message from Dr. White will now be available in the palm of your hand.


Some messages are short, but they can often be full of insight that you have never considered. Now reading an article written by Dr. White may be best enjoyed at the bus stop, or the coffee shop on your Smartphone or Tablet.


Need to look up a verse, or compare translations? With the Bible section in our app you can Read, listen, look up frequently search words in the Bible, and even see graphics that go along with what you are reading.


Do you have questions about theology, church history, or any verse or chapter in the Bible? Now you can easily submit your questions to be answered during our weekly live broadcast of “Ask the Theologian.” After each episode, we break down each question into individual clips that you can watch the segment that answers each question of the broadcast.