Helen Colin

Holocaust Survivor Helen Colin

Helen Colin

Helen Colin survived the Lodz Ghetto, Auschwitz, and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps.  On Sunday, October 16, she shared her experiences with First Baptist Church of Katy, TX.

Born in 1923 in Poland, she was one of only 1.5% of Polish Jews who survived the holocaust.  She lost much of her family before she was liberated by British troops on April 15, 1945, her 22nd Birthday.

Helen, like most Polish Jews, lived a happy life through childhood.  When the war began, however, things drastically changed overnight.  Helen’s family moved into a small, 3 room apartments in the ghetto, shared by two other families.  It was in the ghetto that Helen’s father died of starvation.  Finding her dad in a pile of dead bodies, Helen and her sister dug a grave for him with her bare hands, wrapping his face in her sweater before covering the body with the dirt.

When she thought things could get no worse, the rest of the family was transported to Auschwitz.  It was here that Helen saw her mother for the last time, in a fleeting moment, with a hand-blown kiss.

Helen Colin gave her first speech about the Holocaust only three days after liberation.  The British troops gathered the German public in front of the grave pits, each holding thousands of dead bodies, and Helen was selected to share her story.  Since then, she has shared her story thousands of times over the 66 years of freedom.  Each time she shares, her tears flow, and the audience is moved.

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