Attention Mayor Parker: NEVER, NEVER NEVER

Dr. Randy White

I’ve just learned of the most outrageous piece of government work in all my life: Mayor Annise Parker has subpoenaed sermon notes from various Pastors concerning her unisex bathroom shenanigans. She wants to know what they have said concerning homosexuality and gender identity.

I have one word for the Mayor:


This Sunday, October 19, I will put my sermon series on hold to preach a sermon about the freedom of the pulpit. This issue is far too important to ignore. There is no middle ground on this one, no benefit of the doubt, no possible misunderstanding. I will not be silent. Send me to jail, confiscate my goods, or take my life, but I will not be silent.  And, I am sure, I will not be alone. 

We are recipients of a long heritage of boys whose blood was shed for the freedoms we have today. They have not died in vain. If the pulpit is not free, then freedom has been lost.

Please pray for me as I prepare this address, and join me this weekend at one of our four services at First Baptist Church of Katy, 600 Pin Oak Road, Katy, TX 77494. Service times: Saturday at 5:30 PM and Sunday at 8:15, 9:30, or 10:45 AM.