The Theocratic Kingdom | Session 1

In a new series, Dr. Randy White goes through the principles of the book, The Theocratic Kingdom, by George N.H. Peters. The goal of this series is "proving the physical-only nature of the coming Kingdom [...]

The Sickness in Discernment Ministries

Dr. Randy White NOTE: This article has received criticism both here and here To both ministries, I reached out with a personal contact, giving my personal cell number, and expressing a desire to discuss the [...]

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How to Start a Home Church

In my last article, I wrote about the difficulty your church will have finding a pastor in the future, especially if it is a small to medium sized church. In previous articles, I've written about [...]

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Why Your Church Won’t Be Able to Find a Pastor

For many small to medium-sized churches, it is already difficult to find a pastor. And, unfortunately, I see the time coming when it is almost impossible for biblically solid churches to find a pastor. I [...]

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Evaluating the Church Planting Movement: The Failure Nobody Wants to Talk About

It's time for someone to say, "The Emperor Has No Clothes." That emperor is the church planting movement, and this article is about the failure nobody wants to talk about. Church planting has been the [...]

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Dispensationalism for Dummies | Three Simple Principles for Biblical Interpretation

  A recent New York Times article focused on Bart Campolo (son of famed leftist Christian preacher Tony Campolo) as the Humanist Chaplain at the University of Southern California. Raised under the “Red Letter Christianity” [...]

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