An Honest Day’s Work

Ill-gotten gains do not profit, But righteousness delivers from death. The Lord will not allow the righteous to hunger, But He will reject the craving of the wicked.” (Proverbs 10:2–3, NASB95)There are so many ways to “make a buck."  Selling drugs seems to be one of the most profitable in our day. Of course, one could always go into a career of bank robbery, or perhaps develop a Ponzi scheme like Bernie Madoff.  Petty theft is always a possibility, but the payoff is not as good as some careers.The problem with all of these is that they are "ill-gotten gain."  The term is surprisingly an often-used Hebrew word, another favorite for Solomon.  Most often, it is simply translated "wicked."  There is a way to make some quick cash, but if the way is wicked, there will be no profit in the long-term (the very long-term: eternity).Better to give an honest day’s work and take an honest day’s wage.  The Lord is pleased with the simple "get rich slow” scheme of the man who works with his hands, minds his business, and provides for his family.Today, analyze the morality of your work.In His Grace,Dr. Randy White