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Taos Prophecy Conference with Jimmy DeYoung

Taos First Baptist Church will host the Taos Prophecy Conference June 19-21, 2016. You can join us from anywhere in the world, live and online! The conference will feature world-renowned prophecy teacher, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. Jimmy DeYoung is a prophecy teacher and journalist who travels the country and the world educating the Body of Christ [...]

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Does God Still Speak to Us Today?

Dr. Randy White On my weekly broadcast, “Ask the Theologian,” a listener asked, “Do you think that God still speaks to us today, and if so, how?” He prefaced his question by referring to a post I’d written concerning whether God still speaks through dreams and visions. Just a few days before that question, I [...]

On Bully Pastors and Bully Pulpits

Dr. Randy White On my weekly broadcast, “Ask the Theologian,” a listener asked, “How do you talk to a pastor who always uses the pulpit to put down other ministries and seems to just correct his church instead of lifting up his church?” In so many words, he was asking, “How do you deal with [...]

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When Your Church’s Doctrine Drifts

Dr. Randy White On my weekly broadcast, “Ask the Theologian,” a listener asked, “How should we respond to the de-emphasis of sound doctrine and the continued movement towards entertainment and unbiblical teachings which are taking place in so many churches?" I could have answered with just one word: “Move.” But seldom are such issues so [...]

Surviving in Post-Political Christianity

Dr. Randy White This week, many on the so-called religious right have found themselves in a quandary. Their candidate-of-choice, Ted Cruz, dropped out of the race when it became apparent that winning enough delegates through the popular vote in the primary system was impossible. Shortly after that, John Kasich gave up his long-shot strategy and [...]

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Jesus – The Greatest Life

In 2014, Dr. White is preaching through the life of Jesus, our Savior. In this series, we will build a timeline of the life of Jesus and look at every teaching, every miracle, and every event in the life of Christ. […]

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Paul–Apostle to the Nations

No figure in history except Jesus Christ Himself has made more impact on the world than the Apostle Paul. Born Saul of Tarsus and saved on the road to Damascus, Paul was immediately called as God's messenger of a new message: God at work in the Gentiles. Saul was present at the stoning of Stephen, [...]

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The Prophecy of the Psalms

The Psalms are wonderfully encouraging to many Christians–but also largely misunderstood.  So many of us find the blessing of these Psalms as songs of our soul, as if the Psalmist wrote the deepest thoughts of our heart.  Other Psalms, however, are far from our experience and some even sound “unChrist-like.” […]

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Saved by Faith: A Verse-by-Verse Study of Romans 1-5

The book of Romans is a mountaintop of Christian doctrine.  In this new, verse-by-verse series, Dr. Randy White teaches the great doctrines of salvation as taught in Romans 1-5.  Who needs to be saved?  Why?  Where did sin and death come from?  What are the effects of sin? What part do works play in salvation?  These questions and many more are answered in the Saved by Faith series. […]

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How important is Baptism?

Dr. Randy White It’s no secret that different denominations have different ideas about Baptism. In fact, this is one of the most common distinguishing marks of separation between denominations. Whether you are Baptist, like me, or some other denomination, we need to question the assumptions about this important spiritual activity. As a Baptist, I think [...]

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